Sunday, November 27, 2011

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques Part 2

Adjusting Strand Thickness
Ideally, I like to have my braids"Thumb-Thick". This means that the braid will be about the thickness of my thumb. Since roving comes in several thicknesses, some adjustment my be necessary. Look at the photo, you'll notice that the
  •  Lilac-colored strand is composed of several pieces of very thin roving, about 8 strands
  •  Teal-colored strand is quite a bit thicker, only 2 strands are needed
  • Brown-colored strand is very thick, so only one strand is needed


Lesniak Oriental Rugs said...
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Lesniak Oriental Rugs said...

I honestly love your articles on how to braid and mend the braids together to make a rug! Really makes me want to try it.


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Unknown said...

Very cool!