Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques

Braiding correctly is the most important start to a beautiful rug. Braiding must be done tightly with an even tension.
    Photo 1
    Start by selecting 3 strands of roving, each should be a different length, see photo1.   
Secure the ends with a rubber band and fasten to a solid object with a spring clamp.


    Photo 2
    When you braid keep the strands separate with your fingers and your thumb at the junction as you bring one side to the center, this keeps the braids tight, see photo 2.

Photo 3

Change thumbs at the junction when you bring the other side to the center,
see photo 3
You'll notice that the braids form a "V" on the right side.
The next TSR-Bleat will be about adding-on roving sections.

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Marie said...

Thanks for the tip!! I have yet to start braiding any roving yet, but soon......very soon. I can't wait!