Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Some more examples of recent rug projects

My new kitchen rug

Custom 5 foot diameter round rug

Nice chair pad!

Set of 4 custom chair pads with ties

Custom set of 4 chair pads, using the same braids but in different configuations

TSR Bleat - Sewing Techniques

Always sew on a flat surface, like a table. Be sure to keep your braids up on the table, don't put them on the floor. If they are on the floor, just enough tension could be added as you sew to make your work pucker. Another tip to make your rug lay flat is to nestle the braids into the rug, don't pull or stretch the braid as you sew it.

Be sure to sew on the edge of the braid, you may have to pick up your work to see where to place your stitch, keep stitches even on the straight sides, but on the curves make stitches smaller on the rug side and a little longer on the braid side to ease into the curve. This technique helps your rug lay flat.

To know where to change from even stitches to smaller/longer stitches look for the point at the end of the very first round (right hand above), draw a line straight down to see where the short/long stitches should start (left hand above). Start doing short/long stitches starting at the finger of the left hand all the way around to the corresponding point on the other side of the curve.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques

Adding-On Roving Strands

Since we keep our torn strands of roving only about 2-3 feet long, there comes a time when we have to add on the next strand. You'll notice that the torn strands have tapered ends. It's these tapered ends that are overlapped when adding-on.
  • Braid down until you have a 3-4 inch tail left on the braid
  • I like to do my add-ons when the short strand comes to the center
  • Just lay the new strand onto the old strand, right under your thumb
  • Bring the next strand over and keep on braiding
  • If a little tuft of roving peeks out, just tuck it in with the next strand or wait until after the felting process, if you can still find it then, just cut it off.

Adding on a Black strand to the short Lilac strand

Tuck the Black strand under the thumb

 Bring the next strand over the add-on

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques Part 2

Adjusting Strand Thickness
Ideally, I like to have my braids"Thumb-Thick". This means that the braid will be about the thickness of my thumb. Since roving comes in several thicknesses, some adjustment my be necessary. Look at the photo, you'll notice that the
  •  Lilac-colored strand is composed of several pieces of very thin roving, about 8 strands
  •  Teal-colored strand is quite a bit thicker, only 2 strands are needed
  • Brown-colored strand is very thick, so only one strand is needed

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques

Braiding correctly is the most important start to a beautiful rug. Braiding must be done tightly with an even tension.
    Photo 1
    Start by selecting 3 strands of roving, each should be a different length, see photo1.   
Secure the ends with a rubber band and fasten to a solid object with a spring clamp.


    Photo 2
    When you braid keep the strands separate with your fingers and your thumb at the junction as you bring one side to the center, this keeps the braids tight, see photo 2.

Photo 3

Change thumbs at the junction when you bring the other side to the center,
see photo 3
You'll notice that the braids form a "V" on the right side.
The next TSR-Bleat will be about adding-on roving sections.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Shepherd's Rug Bleats

We would like to introduce The Shepherd's Rug Bleats.
Every so often we will post a TSR-Bleat on this blog.

TSR-Bleats will highlight tips and techniques that will hopefully make your rug braiding ventures more enjoyable. Please be sure to post your comments and questions.

So here is the first one: 
Here is a photo of my braiding chair. It is a patio chair with a high back. Each revolution of the braid around the back of the chair equals a yard. As the rounds build, I can keep track of the yardage and see the colors develop. As you can see, I use the chair seat to keep all my roving at hand.

Here is the rug completed...

Monday, February 14, 2011


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