Sunday, November 27, 2011

TSR Bleat - Braiding Techniques

Adding-On Roving Strands

Since we keep our torn strands of roving only about 2-3 feet long, there comes a time when we have to add on the next strand. You'll notice that the torn strands have tapered ends. It's these tapered ends that are overlapped when adding-on.
  • Braid down until you have a 3-4 inch tail left on the braid
  • I like to do my add-ons when the short strand comes to the center
  • Just lay the new strand onto the old strand, right under your thumb
  • Bring the next strand over and keep on braiding
  • If a little tuft of roving peeks out, just tuck it in with the next strand or wait until after the felting process, if you can still find it then, just cut it off.

Adding on a Black strand to the short Lilac strand

Tuck the Black strand under the thumb

 Bring the next strand over the add-on

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